The Skinny on Cellulite Solutions
Auguest 8, 2005

If you think Hollywood's hottest bodies never worry about getting cheese thighs, think again.

Even sexy singer Toni Braxton has her dimple dilemmas. "Let me tell you, I'm softer, the texture's not good," she admitted.

And unfortunately, ladies, cellulite seems to be a "girl" thing. When was the last time you saw a guy with dimpled glutes?

In his latest book, "The Cellulite Solution," celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad outlines a new plan of attack to destroy those dreaded lumps and bumps, and he dispels a few myths about who gets cellulite and why.

"It probably has to do with hormones," he revealed. "One myth is, 'I'm too fat.' Well, a lot of people don't have cellulite. It has nothing to do with exercise."

Dr. Murad's solutions start with some subtle changes to our diet, including one very exotic fruit. "Goji berries are the most nutritionally-dense foods on the market," he revealed. "I call them cellulite assassinators. Obviously, things like eggs that have lecithin in them are very good."

And for the best results from those topical creams, Murad recommended, "It should have ingredients that encourage the build up of the blood vessel. A good ingredient for that is cayenne pepper, believe it or not."

Finally, Dr. Murad said special spa treatments can work wonders: "I have found many of my patients who had severe cellulite now getting better and better to the point where their skin looks tremendous!"

So now you've got the latest skinny on fighting cellulite!

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