Charlize Celebrates 30th Birthday Abroad
August 5, 2005

With more than 25 films, an Oscar and one of the most stunning faces in Hollywood, Charlize Theron is a showstopper wherever she goes.

But the modest actress insisted, "I have a great crew that paints four pounds of makeup on me and four bottles of hairspray later and a nice shirt!"

With her resume, it's hard to believe Theron is still in her 20s -- at least until Sunday that is. "Extra" caught up with the star in San Diego, where she dished about her latest big-screen flick, "Aeon Flux."

"I almost broke my neck for it, so it's really good action," she revealed. "And the cat suit is pretty hot."

Charlize can joke about the accident now, but she wasn't kidding about almost breaking her neck. During the filming of the movie, the Oscar winner ruptured a disc and suffered nerve damage that numbed the right side of her body.

It took six weeks to get back to shooting, but now Theron is fully recovered and giving "Extra" a sneak peak at her birthday plans with boyfriend Stuart Townsend. "I'm not getting carded, I am an old lady now," Charlize joked.

As for specific birthday plans, Theron revealed that she will be out of the country for the celebration. But one thing is for sure, wherever Charlize is celebrating, "Extra" wishes her a very happy birthday!


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