Faith Fires Back with New Autobiographical Song
August 5, 2005

She was America's sweetheart, marrying Tim McGraw and selling more than 30 million albums. But when Faith Hill appeared in "The Stepford Wives" and went pop, country radio stations refused to play her songs. And now, for the first time, the superstar answers her critics.

"People are going to say what they say and think what they think," Hill insisted. "You can never change that."

Hill appeared on the "Today" show Friday morning, where she sang her new hit "Mississippi Girl" from her first album in two years called "Fireflies." And the autobiographical song takes her critics head on, with the lyrics: "Some people think that I've changed. I've always stayed connected to my roots and where I grew up."

But this Mississippi girl does admit to changing one thing: her new dark hair.

And what about those nasty rumors that she and her sometimes-actor husband Tim McGraw are moving to Hollywood? "I spent a few weeks in California, put my face on the big movie screen," Hill said. "But we like Tennessee just fine."

And with no apologies, Hill says she'd like to do more movies, and McGraw is already shooting another one. But music is certainly where her heart is, and McGraw even sings harmony on a song called, "Like We Never Loved At All."

"He called and said, 'If you don't put this on your album it's going on my album,'" Faith revealed.

So check out the superstar's new album, which Faith said makes her feel, "Proud and relieved and mature and fun and happy."

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