Etheridge Calls for 'Something Better Than Chemo'
August 4, 2005

It's the incredible news that Melissa Etheridge's family, friends and fans have been praying for: "I'm cancer free," she told "Extra." "Totally cancer free, that is gone."

The famous rocker has won her battle with breast cancer after five months of brutal chemotherapy treatments, and we caught up with Etheridge on the Los Angeles set of the music video for her latest single, a remake of the Tom Petty classic, "Refugee."

But Etheridge did have this word for the medical community: "They have to come up with something better than chemotherapy. I am telling you right now. They haven't changed it in 30 years. It's got to change. Come on, let's go, that's nasty stuff."

So how does Etheridge feel now? "I feel great," she insisted. "There is clarity, clearness, an energy that just comes right now, right here with you."

Now, after bringing down the house at this year's Grammy Awards just days after finishing treatment, Etheridge is working on her greatest hits album due out October 18th.

"It certainly works in with having to perform on the Grammys," Etheridge said of her album. "Everyone was kind of like, ‘Oh I like her music.' Now they can go out and get a little greatest hits, and it's all good."


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