Spears Expecting a Boy? Uma and Ethan Back in Court?
August 4, 2005

From east to west, north to south, the rumors in Hollywood spread like wildfire. And today, "Extra's" got a special Couples News edition of Rumor Control, as we set straight the latest facts from fiction.

Nicole Kidman and country star Keith Urban were seen riding a motorcycle together and sharing lunch in upstate New York. So are they an item, or is their reported romance an urban legend?

The stars' reps say the pair is just friends. But Us Weekly's Caroline Schaeffer says to stay tuned. "Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban appear to be dating, although neither rep will confirm it," she said. "But they seem to have a lot of chemistry. It seems like it could be a good match."

And from love to babies, mom-to-be Britney Spears is just three months away from delivery day, and the pregnant princess of pop looks like she's about to pop. So is it true that Spears and her husband, Kevin Federline, are expecting a baby boy?

Recent video shows Spears looking at blue baby outfits, if that's any indication. But are the published reports true that Spears wants to name the baby "Charlie" after the character in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"

Spears' people told "Extra," "That's a new one." We'll take that as a no.

Also showing (although not quite like Spears) is the beautiful Jennifer Garner, who was spotted out in Los Angeles with her husband, Ben Affleck. But are Ben and Jen planning another production?

This one's a yes, although it's purely professional. Word is that Garner and Affleck are in talks to re-team up on the big screen for a sequel to the movie "Daredevil."

Also sparking romance rumors are Charlie Sheen's estranged wife Denise Richards and James Stevenson, her handsome co-star on the new UPN series, "Sex, Love and Secrets."

But despite reports of a romance, Stevenson's reps told "Extra" that he already has a girlfriend. So what about the reports of Denise and Charlie getting back together?

"They are not planning on reconciling now," the pair's reps said.

And finally, is it true that Uma Thurman and ex-husband Ethan Hawke are headed back to divorce court?

This one's a yes. Lawyers for the stars were in a New York court Thursday as the bitter custody battle over their two young children continues.


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