Now Cancer-Free, Etheridge Makes Baby Plans
August 3, 2005

Cancer free and ready to rock, a blonde Melissa Etheridge is coming back with a greatest hits album due out in October. We caught up with the music legend in Los Angeles on the set of her new music video, where Etheridge opened up about the dark days after her diagnosis last fall, the secret weapon by her side and the possibility of extending her family.

Melissa Etheridge: I'm cancer free, totally cancer free. I stand before you a completely healthy person.

Jon Kelley: How good does it feel to have your hair back?

ME: People are saying, "Oh her blond hair is growing back," and I'm like, "My hair is not blonde. I can be bald in front of the world, but I can't be gray."

JK: What was the toughest part for you? Was it the physical or mental or emotional side that was the struggle?

ME: Gosh, the whole thing. My father died of liver cancer, and my mother's sister and her mother, it was all around. So when it came to me, I was like, "I don't own that, get that out of me." I had no idea the impact, the magnitude of what was happening.

JK: What did it mean to have Tammy Lynn by your side every step of the way?

ME: It's so important, and at the end of the whole thing when it was over, I came home to a bouquet that said, "In sickness and in health," and she means it. The love and support of someone like that is worth all the money in the world.

But Etheridge didn't leave without first breaking some big news, only to "Extra." Now healthy, the proud mom conceived each of her two children with the help of surrogate dad and legendary rock star David Crosby, and now it appears a third child may not be far behind.

JK: Thought of having more kids?

ME: Yes, we thought of having more. We won't be using my friend. David has been there and done that. We're going to use artificial insemination.

JK: So you're making plans? In the works?

ME: It sounds like it's already in the works, doesn't it? Yeah, I guess I'm giving you a scoop aren't I?

JK: How exciting is that?

ME: Oh, so exciting, especially after this, to be so excited about life is very, very nice.

Working on her third child, a new greatest hits album and back in good health, it seems the first lady of rock and roll is back on top.


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