McCarthy Gives Advice to 'Extra's' Mom-To-Be
August 2, 2005

Blonde Bombshell Jenny McCarthy showed her killer curves in Playboy, but now the star is dropping another bombshell, revealing that while pregnant she weighed in at more than 200 pounds.

That's right, the covergirl gained a gut-busting 75 pounds when she was pregnant with her son, Evan, and she's sharing all the joys, or lack there of, of pregnancy in her best-selling book, "Belly Laughs."

"Get this book when you find out you're pregnant because nobody tells you the truth about what's going to happen to you," McCarthy insisted.

"You know I always had a little bit of cellulite on the back of the legs, like most girls do," McCarthy added. "But I couldn't believe pregnancy cellulite. It took a full freaking year. I hired a trainer, started eating salad and sashimi. A month later, I got on the scale, and I didn't lose a pound."

McCarthy shed the extra baby weight on Weight Watchers, revealing, "I lost the weight and the cheese came off!"

So what advice does McCarthy have for our very own mom-to-be Dayna Devon and her biggest pregnancy fear: stretch marks. "Okay, let me tell you, I've got them," she said. "Stretch marks are definitely a reminder that you did your job as a mom."

And what about that pregnant glow that everyone talks about? "It's actually the layer of sweat on your body," McCarthy insisted. "People are like, 'You're glowing.' I'm like, 'It's sweat.'"

Still, McCarthy says all the sweat and hard work is definitely worth it, adding, "It's the most incredible feeling you could ever experience."

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth
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