Aniston Says Pitt Missing 'Sensitivity Chip'
August 2, 2005

The world watched as Jennifer Aniston's fairytale marriage to Brad Pitt fell apart. Now, for the first time since the split, Aniston is talking about everything from why the marriage collapsed to babies to rumors about Angelina Jolie.

A remarkably candid Aniston opened her heart to Vanity Fair writer Leslie Bennetts in the upcoming issue. The actress confessed she's shocked, hurt and embarrassed about Pitt's open liaisons with Jolie.

"The whole thing has been very excruciating," Bennetts said of Aniston. "From the time Brad first started working with Angelina Jolie on 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith,' she says he emotionally checked out of the marriage."

But Aniston confessed that she still loves her estranged husband, saying, "I love Brad. I really love him. I will love him for the rest of my life."

And when asked about the photos that appeared in Us Weekly of Pitt, Jolie and her son, Maddox, romping on an African beach, as well as the photo spread in W magazine where Pitt and Jolie played house, Aniston responded, "There's a sensitivity chip missing in Brad."

"It was a huge shock to Jennifer," Bennetts said. "It's not like she didn't know a relationship was developing, but seeing the instant family Brad created with someone else was excruciatingly painful for her."

So does Aniston believe the rumors that her husband cheated on her with Jolie while they were still married? "I choose to believe my husband," Aniston told Vanity Fair. "At this point I wouldn't be surprised by anything, but I would much rather choose to believe him."

But the moment in the interview that brought Aniston to tears was when Bennetts asked about the rumor that Jolie may be pregnant with Pitt's child. "She looked like she had been stabbed in the heart," Bennetts revealed. "And she cried for several long minutes. She was really overwhelmed by that and wouldn't say a word."

Aniston did, however, have plenty of angry words to say about the reports that her marriage ended because Pitt wanted children and she didn't.

"She always expected to get pregnant after 'Friends,' which would mean she'd be pregnant right now," Bennetts said. "But instead, her husband, his attention was elsewhere."

Now Aniston's attention is on life after Pitt. So does the gorgeous actress have a new man in her life? Aniston answers that question and more, Wednesday on "Extra!"

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