Get Flawless Skin the Celebrity Way
August 3, 2005

Got questions about beauty? Well, "Extra's" got some answers straight from the top docs who help the most beautiful people in Hollywood stay beautiful!

Super sexy Carmen Electra always looks fabulous, but she has to work to keep that silky-smooth skin. "I'm looking for something that will keep the skin looking rejuvenated and not dry," she told us. "My skin gets really, really dry."

Never fear Carmen, plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens is here, and he has the answer that may help. "My favorite products for dry skin are Neova Creme de la Copper," he advised. "I've used it personally."

Meanwhile, a blemish can ruin anyone's day, especially a young, beautiful actress like Elisha Cuthbert. "Every once in awhile I get a zit there," she revealed. "And I wonder if it's because I ate something. I want to know, what's the trick?"

Well Elisha, dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban says the answer is simple: "A diet that's high in fats and oils is not good for your skin. It's going to make you break out."

For healthy skin, dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman advised, "Foods that should be avoided with someone who wants really healthy skin would be food that dehydrate the skin and that would be excessive alcohol and caffeine."

But our free advice isn't just for the stars. "I'm getting some sun spots," one "Extra" viewer told us. "Is there something I could use to make them fade?"

Dr. Stevens gave us that answer: "Most frequently, the Fraxel laser has been the state-of-the-art method to get rid of sun spots. There's no anesthesia required, it's easy, it's inexpensive, and it works on everybody."


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