FOX Stars Celebrate Fall Shows
August 1, 2005

Pamela Anderson was just one of the famous faces who hit the FOX network's TCA bash, and the star revealed why her sitcom, "Stacked," is made to perfection. "It's good for a single mom," she said. "I get to drive my kids to school everyday, and then I get to go to work. It's good for me. Otherwise I get into trouble."

And trouble is what Anderson calls the recent tabloid stories, which claim that she and Tommy are together again. "It's so frustrating," she said. "It's all untrue, number one."

But co-star Elon Gold isn't so sure. "I said [to Pam], I saw pictures of you two smooching,' and she said, Oh, I just did that to make him happy for the publicity.'"

Also on hand for a little publicity were Mischa Barton, Peter Gallagher and Hugh Laurie, who is feeling right at home in "House." "We're a happy band of brothers," Laurie said. "We've set about the second season in good spirits. There'll be a disease of the week, so look for that!"

And watch for more romance on "House" with the sexy Sela Ward, who's pretty passionate about her co-star's work, telling us, "It's an intense role to be playing, and he's doing it so beautifully."

And Ward hopes the doctor gets a dose of good news come Emmy night. "He must win," she said. "He so deserves it."

Check out FOX's fall schedule when the network unveils its lineup in September.


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