David Hasselhoff Claims He Wasn't Drunk, On ‘Bizarre Medication'
July 28, 2006

London headlines proclaimed him too drunk to fly.

But in his first interview, David Hasselhoff came straight to "Extra," insisting his so-called "erratic" behavior on Wednesday had nothing to do with drinking.

"I'm on a little bizarre medication," he said. "But I'm okay."

"Extra" caught up with David Thursday night just after a live taping of his hit series, "America's Got Talent," where the 54-year-old star revealed the medicine is for an arm injury.

"I'm okay," he said. "It hurt a little more in London this last trip. It's just got a little bit of an infection."

Hasselhoff's fellow "Talent" judge and former London Daily Mirror Editor Piers Morgan said all the tabloid attention is just part of the territory for The Hoff.

"Putting my editor's hat on, the guy is tabloid gold dust," Morgan said. "Iconic.'"

Despite the tabloids and the arm, David assured us he's okay. "Everything's great," he said. "I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be alive. I'm happy to be getting through my personal stuff."

That personal stuff includes a bitter end to his 16-year marriage to Pamela Bach. David reportedly told British Airways workers that he was upset about his divorce becoming final that same day.

"The more famous you get, the more people want to print stuff about you that's not true," Hasselhoff said. "The truth is I'm a big guy, I respect myself, I've got the respect of my kids, and I'm okay."

Earlier this week, "Extra" sat down in a recording studio with David's now ex-wife, Pamela for an exclusive interview. It was an interview David admitted he had to watch.

"I did like the piece," Hasselhoff admitted. "I have a heart, man."

A heart that, like his arm, may need a bit of healing.


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