Katharine McPhee to Rejoin ‘Idol' Tour
July 26, 2006

She's loved by millions who watched her rise to fame on "American Idol," so when Katharine McPhee had voice troubles that kept her from the "Idol" tour, fans were naturally upset.

But not to worry, Kat's sister and "Extra's" special correspondent Adriana McPhee reports that her sis is back!

"There she is, my sister," Adriana said. "Back in the spotlight for her new role with Big Sexy Hair."

"I was just thrilled to represent it," Katharine said. "It's a great name for a company."

Katharine made her first appearance in weeks in New York Wednesday, and she gave us the low down on her voice.

"It's doing better," she said. "You go from one interview to the next, and people don't realize it's like a runner jogging for eight hours. We talk so much, but as singers it's our instrument."

The constant strain of performing finally took its toll, and Katharine had to take a break. And for her, silence is what finally did the trick. "This is probably one of the first days I've been talking," McPhee said. "I'm rejoining the tour. Tomorrow will be my first day back out on the tour."

Katharine revealed how frustrating it's been to be apart from her fellow "Idol" contestants for the start of the summer tour. "I cried," she said. "I felt horrible. It was a huge disappointment."

Kat said she's excited to start singing again and to be hosting "The View" on Thursday. But mostly, she can't wait to perform for her fans: "They've been the best fans ever."


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