Janet Opens Up About New Album
July 25, 2006

Only "Extra" was on the set of Janet Jackson’s hot new video. With those trademark abs, that signature style, and of course, her legendary voice, Janet is back and better than ever.

Janet spilled a few secrets about her new album, "20 Years Old," due out at the end of September, to our Carlos Diaz.

"It's the 20th anniversary, so a lot of the music is reminiscent of the music that is 20 to 25 years ago, and coupling it with a lot of new stuff," Janet said.

Among the new stuff is Janet’s first single called "On Me," which forced the singer to call on that ultra-expensive budget she and Brother Michael shared for their futuristic hit "Scream."

"That was a $7 million video," Janet revealed. As for her new video, Janet said, "We won’t talk about budget, but it’s definitely up there."

So, she wasn’t talking dollars, but Janet was making a whole lot of sense when it came to revealing the truth behind her remarkable recent weight loss.

"I have to work out, I hate it, but I have to," she said simply. "Some of us have to work out. I'm one of those ‘some of us.’" 

But Janet has even more going for her than her new album and hot new abs. She also has a fabulous relationship with her love of 5 years, Jermaine Dupri.

"He's my other half, my better half," she said. "He's always there for me. I finally got it right."

Janet has a good guy, a great album and a smoking music video; it looks like Miss Jackson is right back in control.


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