Aaron Spelling's Will Creates All-New Family Feud
July 25, 2006

It reads like a plot in one of Aaron Spelling's legendary soap operas: Widow Candy, Daughter Tori and the $500 million Spelling TV fortune at stake.

As the tabloid-soaked story makes the latest cover of Us Weekly, the magazine's Katrina Szish told us the feud could turn into a dynasty duel. "Extra" has obtained a copy of Spelling's will, and the secret inside could spell trouble for Tori.

"Tori and her mom, Candy, have been estranged and feuding for years," Szish said. "Candy is executor of the will, and therefore she is in charge of divvying up the $500 million fortune."

Us Weekly reports that Tori is set to inherit $200,000, plus $600,000 in investments, that is unless Tori's mother wants to give her more.

"Tori, Aaron's only daughter is getting less than a million dollars," Szish said. "And Candy's manicurist will get $25,000, and their home decorator will get $50,000." 

So why the bad blood between mother and daughter?

Tori admitted their relationship has always been difficult, and things didn't get any better after Tori spoofed Candy on her VH-1 show "So noTORIous." "Many people speculate that this is the way for Tori's mom to get back at Tori for years of feuding," Szish revealed.

Neither Tori nor Candy Spelling are commenting today on this real-life Spelling drama.


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