Oprah and Stedman Speak Out on Gay Rumors
July 24, 2006

Oprah Winfrey and longtime love Stedman Graham made a rare red carpet appearance this weekend in Malibu, and their first stop was the "Extra" mic, where Oprah got candid about her real relationship with best friend Gayle King.

"There's a special bond between many women," she said. "I think all women who have really close friends understand what my relationship with Gayle is."

Only "Extra" got the all-new Oprah revelation when we asked the burning question: why did she decide to go public just days ago in her latest interview in O Magazine, denying the persistent tabloid rumors that claim she and Gayle are gay?

"I think it's a question that comes up all the time because Gayle and I are such good friends," Oprah explained. "When we were doing the interview it came up, and so that's why we addressed it."

The normally camera shy Stedman also opened up to "Extra" when asked if the rumors bother him.

"No, not at all, because it's not true," Stedman said. "Gayle's a good friend of mine, a good friend of hers for a long time, so we're on the inside, not on the outside."

Oprah and Stedman were among the countless famous faces at legendary music mogul David Foster's Malibu home for the Grammy Foundation's starry night. Others stars in attendance were Dionne Warwick, Quincy Jones, Josh Groban, Donald Trump and Dick Van Dyke.

The event benefited the foundation, which nurtures the future generation of musicians.

Oprah told "Extra" how she landed at the prestigious event: "I came because last weekend Babyface was at my house and I said, 'I haven't seen you perform.' And I said, 'When is the next time I'm going to see you perform?' And he said, 'I'm performing here,' and that's why I'm here."

But as the cameras clamored for yet one more shot of Oprah, gentleman Stedman gently escorted the daytime queen past the photographers. Stedman let "Extra" in on just how protective he is of his Queen.

"I'm protective just enough, which is important," he said. "I step in when I need to step in."


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