Is America Ready for 'World Trade Center'?
July 21, 2006

The world will never forget the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001. But just five years later, is the world ready to see the events unfold on the big screen?

"Extra" discovered that Oliver Stone's controversial new film, "World Trade Center," hit close to home for one of the movie's stars.

Maria Bello revealed that she experienced the rescue efforts first hand. "We saw the second plane run through the second tower," she said. "I'm really good in emergency situations. I'm sort of a doer, so as soon as it happened I was like, ‘What can we do? We have to get down there.'"

"World Trade Center" tells the story of two port authority cops who became trapped when the towers collapsed. Maria, who stars alongside Nicolas Cage, plays the wife of one of the real-life heroes.

"I think it was so important to all of us to tell the story of the humanity of that day as opposed to the tragedy," she insisted.

But five years after September 11th, is the world really ready to see the tragedy on the big screen? "The whole country felt our pain," Bello said simply. "Now I think it's time for some healing."

"World Trade Center" hits theaters August 9th.


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