Miami Nights: Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx Hit the Red Carpet
July 21, 2006

"Miami Vice" stars Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx greeted thousands of screaming fans Thursday night at the world premiere of their highly anticipated new film.

But Colin got more than he bargained for Thursday. Just hours before the premiere, a woman charged the stage while Colin was appearing on "The Tonight Show." The harrowing incident was edited out of the show's broadcast, and the woman was taken down and escorted off the stage by security guards.

The woman in question was Dessarae Bradford, the very same woman who once unsuccessfully tried to accuse Colin of harassing her.

"I don't know what the hell happened," Farrell said of the event. "It was very jarring."

Fortunately, neither Colin nor Jamie was any worse for wear. After declaring himself officially "on the market," Colin asked our Dayna Devon what her plans were for the evening.

Okay, so maybe our pregnant (and married) Dayna Devon isn't the perfect match for Mr. Farrell. But he did offer her a belly rub.

Happy to finally share "Miami Vice" with fans, Jamie opened up about the on-set problems outlined in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, including hurricanes, injuries, technical disasters and even nearby shootings.

"Yeah, there was a little shooting," Foxx admitted. "We looked down at our guns, and our guns weren't going off so that meant somebody else was shooting. Time to drop our fake guns and find some shelter."

Despite the problems, Colin said sign him up for the sequel. "I'd do it in a second," he said. "To work with Jamie again, and Michael was talking about it as well, absolutely."

"The reason that I'm with it and the reason I said let's do this is because it is a franchise," Foxx added. "Whatever you don't get in number one you get it in two. Whatever you don't get in two you get in three."

"Miami Vice" hits theaters everywhere on Friday, July 28th.


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