Jill Rappaport: Christie Brinkley is 'Doing Okay'
July 20, 2006

"Extra" has found new video of Diana Bianchi, the teen now caught up in the Christie Brinkley love triangle, performing at an amateur night competition in the Hamptons two years ago.

"I don't really have a CD coming out, but I've been working around places like these trying to promote myself and getting people to know me," Bianchi said at the time.

Well, there's no doubt the whole world knows Diana now, as "Extra" uncovers even more details in the salacious scandal that busted up Christie Brinkley's marriage.

Hampton's magazine columnist R. Couri Hay gave "Extra" the lowdown on the $15 million mansion where Peter Cook reportedly carried out his secret affair.

"It's a spectacular love shack," Hay said. "Six bedrooms to play in, I'll bet he used every single one of them in the year."

Diana's outraged mother is blasting her 19-year-old daughter's 47-year-old alleged lover, furiously calling Cook a predator and master manipulator who "preyed on her baby." She told the New York Daily News that her daughter is devastated by the scandal.

"Extra" told you yesterday about another woman who claims she was Peter's other undercover girl. Samantha Cole said Cook proposed to her back when she was 19.

Now fans around the world are wondering how Christie is doing. "Today" show entertainment reporter Jill Rappaport, who first introduced Christie to Peter, spoke with her good friend early this morning.

"She is doing okay," Rappaport said. "Her main focus is for her children. She's taken them to a place where there are no computers, no phones. She's definitely not in Los Angeles."

As the story continues to unfold, there's one thing Jill says she knows for sure: "I won't be doing any matchmaking anytime soon after this." v


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