Ellen "The Generous" Rallies Famous Friends
July 18, 2006

Ellen DeGeneres may keep us laughing all the time, but she also knows how to get serious for an important cause. America's funny lady has dedicated herself to raise money to help solve the health crisis in Africa.

"When you think about the statistics, it's every 15 seconds a child is orphaned by AIDS," DeGeneres said. "These people are losing their homes. They have no medical supplies. They have no education."

"Extra" got an exclusive look this weekend in Hollywood with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, as the pair piled on star power to raise money to rebuild villages in Uganda.

The fundraiser was a complete hit with clothing giant Banana Republic donating $150,000 and generous stars like David Spade giving $10,000.

Ryan Seacrest also contributed to the cause with a donation of $5,000. "You say to yourself, ‘We have it pretty good,'" Seacrest admitted. "If we have some extra funds or extra time, we should try and help out."

With generous donations from stars like Noah Wylie, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, Ellen's crusade raised more than $400,000.

Now that's one story we're hoping has a happy ending.

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