Julia Roberts Returns to Big Screen
July 18, 2006

She's the voice of kind-hearted Ant Hova in the new big screen bug tale "The Ant Bully."

But in a candid conversation with "Extra," Julia Roberts revealed that her 18-month-old twins are still too young to see mommy's new movie.

"They're not really interested," she revealed. "There's one movie, this surfing movie, that my husband has. You can put it on at any time and everything stops. They just stare at it. Other than that, they really don't pay attention to something."

These days, it seems every Hollywood A-lister is toting a bouncing baby, so it was only appropriate to do some baby talk with the world's most famous mom.

Our Dayna Devon asked Julia, "Since you have a boy and a girl twin, one is more like you than the other? Are you seeing bits of yourself in them?"

"No. God, no!" Julia quipped. "They're just their own people. My son really looks like my husband, but then when my husband's holding my daughter I'm like, ‘Wow, you guys look alike too.'"

So are there more babies on the way for Ms. Roberts and husband Danny Moder? "I don't think I've thought about it as often as the press has thought about it," she admitted.

Right now, Hollywood's $25 million star wants all of us to think about her first animated film, featuring a who's who of Oscar winners, including Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage and producer Tom Hanks.

"The next movie I'm doing is actually with him, we'll be in the same room," Julia said of Hanks. "Then I'll feel like we've worked together; this doesn't seem like we've worked together."

So what led everyone's favorite "Pretty Woman" to the animated world? "Laziness," Julia blatantly admitted. "Everyone thinks it's motherhood, but it was really just a plot to be lazy. But then it turned out not to work so well because it's kind of harder work than I thought it would be."

Catch Julia's hard work when "The Ant Bully" hits theaters July 28.


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