John Stamos: Move Over Dr. McDreamy
July 14, 2006

He's TV's hottest new doctor, and "Extra" is going one on one with sexy Stamos as John becomes a series regular on "ER" this fall.

But if "ER" won't satisfy your Stamos fix, don't worry. John is lined up for more TV spots, including a role as a gay wedding planner in the A&E movie "Wedding March."

"He's just a guy who's a passionate man who trips onto the subject of marriage," Stamos revealed.

Well, when you put fictional characters aside, "Extra" got Hollywood's most eligible bachelor to open up about marriage and why he loves the single life.

"I've been single a few years now. Your whole thing kind of changes," he admitted. "In the beginning, I was like, I can't wait to get married again.' Now, I kind of like dating."

While John is still on the market, it seems he's been hooked by sexy model Daniela Urzi. And believe us when we say, Mr. Stamos knows what he wants in a gal.

"Whatever relationship, girlfriend, marriage, I know I want to be a father," he confessed. "And whatever it takes to get to that point, that's the path I want to take."

John lived up to his ladies man image recently, when "Extra" went where most women would die to go -- his trailer! "This is the bedroom, you want to come in?" he joked.

Trust us, this is one stud who knows how to sweep a lady off her feet! "I love to cook," he told us. "I love to sit around and play the piano."

For now you can catch John playing Doc Hollywood in the "ER," as he turns Thursday nights into must-see TV this fall.


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