Christina Aguilera: Singing the Joys of Pepsi
July 14, 2006

It's the summer of sexy Christina Aguilera!

She's burning up the charts with her hit song "Ain't No Other Man" and gracing the cover of GQ magazine.

Now, "Extra" uncovers the many faces of Christina as a beautiful belly dancer, a gorgeous geisha and a sexy samba queen.

The pop princess is shaking off serious sex appeal as she grooves, shimmies and belly dances her way around the globe in her sizzling new Pepsi campaign.

"It's got a great, great energy, and a feel good sense about it too," Christina revealed.

We were on the set with Ms. Aguilera as she was magically transported to exotic locales with the help of a cell phone download.

"I'm always trying to take chances and take risks and thinking outside the box," she said.

Moving to her latest track, "Here to Stay," Christina's first stop recreates an Arabian Desert scene. "Some costumes were more comfortable than others, but it was so much fun," she said, adding, "I love playing dress up."

From the desert, it was off to Prague and then quickly Brazil and India.

While you have to love the mystery of the desert and the sexiness of Rio, Christina's favorite recreation was Japan, where she spent three years as a child. "They really express themselves however way they want," she explained. "There are no hold backs about it."

But after a whirlwind shoot, all Christina was really looking forward to was "finally getting back in my own costume as Christina."


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