Sports and Hollywood Unite for the 2006 ESPYs
July 13, 2006

Sports never looked better as Hollywood brought its A-game to the ESPY Awards Wednesday night, as Matt Leinart, Lance Armstrong, Kobe Bryant, Matthew McConaughey, Janet Jackson, Serena Williams, Carmen Electra, Ben Stiller, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ashley Judd all came out for a night all about sports.

A newly slimmed down Janet and music producer-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri were on hand for the event, and they broke news to "Extra" about teaming up for a superstar duet with Mariah Carey!

"That's a big possibility. We're trying to put it together," Janet admitted. "That's two giants of the game coming together," Dupri chimed in.

The timing may be perfect for Janet; the star revealed she feels fantastic at age 40. "I'm very at peace. This is the happiest I've ever been," she admitted. "It's just getting better with each day, it really is. And a lot, I have to give credit to this man."

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey was revved up about teaming up with Jake Gyllenhaal and ESPY host Lance Armstrong on the biking trails.

So what kind of rigorous training does the Tour de France winner put them through? "For the first 100 yards we have a conversation," Matthew revealed. "Then I say, I'll see you at home, man!'"

"That's not true! We talk for 200 yards," Lance said, adding, "They're solid athletes. Jake's been on the bike a lot longer than Matthew. But Matthew, he's tough. He hangs in there and he doesn't quit."

We couldn't quit laughing at Will Ferrell serenading Lance onstage. And despite the roasting, which included the stunner "You've been through every part of France except for Paris Hilton's pants," Lance was a good sport.

"He's an old friend of mine," Lance told "Extra." "A great supporter, a great fan of cycling."

Another man with a lot of fans is LeBron James, who came out for the big night after just signing a new $60 million contract.

Also on hand was Kiefer Sutherland, who was feeling the victory of 12 Emmy nods for "24." "It's been the greatest gift of my career," Kiefer told us.

"Extra" also found out from the man himself that "24" the movie may soon be coming to a theater near you. "We're aiming to do that in the break, between the end of season six and the beginning of season seven," Kiefer said.

Young Hollywood's new "it" girl, Kim Kardashian, stole the spotlight from date and stepdad Bruce Jenner. Kardashian admitted she's still not used to all the attention. "It's a little bit weird for me, so I just really don't pay too much attention," she said.

But the Olympic iron man definitely enjoyed the role reversal. "This is fun," Jenner said. "I love seeing her squirm a little bit. This is great because we've never had this problem at the house with her speaking."

As for Janet, we couldn't let her get away without one question about her upcoming CD: will she go on tour? "Yes, definitely. We start rehearsals at the end of this year," she confirmed.


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