Ryan & Simon Ready for another Season of Bickering
July 13, 2006

There was definitely trouble a-foot when Ryan Seacrest hit the red carpet with "E! News" pals Giuliana DePandi and Jason Kennedy at E! and the Style Network's Television Critic Association party.

Seacrest, the hardest working man in showbiz, was already talking about "American Idol 6," which starts shooting August 8.

"Simon called me today, and I didn't answer because I saw it was him," Ryan revealed. "But I think he's actually missing all of us and excited to get back."

Meanwhile, "Superman Returns" bad girl Parker Posey is also ready to get back -- on the big screen that is, in her hilarious new movie "The Oh in Ohio."

Parker runs into an all-star cast of characters, including sex goddess Liza Minnelli, in the indie flick, which opens Friday.

Screen goddess Keira Knightley first fought off rumors of anorexia. Now the actress is attacking reports she recently went under the knife.

In a candid interview with Elle magazine, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" beauty is setting the record straight. "I met a rather nasty man at a party who said, 'Is it true you've had your lips done?'" she revealed. "And I stupidly went, 'Oh yeah, that's right,' instead of saying, 'No, that's not true.'"

While Keira's lips take a rest, some dancing feet brought tears to the normally harsh judges of "So You Think You Can Dance" Wednesday night.

"I haven't cried ever since the beginning of this show," the judges confessed.

But as the show gets set to boot one more wannabe, the couples collide. See who stays and who goes, as the competition heats up on FOX.



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