Patrick Dempsey: From Dr. McDreamy to Prince Charming
July 12, 2006

He's Dr. McDreamy on the ABC smash hit "Grey's Anatomy," but for the summer, Patrick Dempsey is trading in his scalpel for the world of Disney.

The hunky star took "Extra" along for the ride on the set of his new big screen movie, "Enchanted."

"I wrap here, and like two days later I'm back shooting ‘Grey's Anatomy,'" Patrick told us. "When you're on a role, you've got to keep going."

In "Enchanted," a modern day fairy tale about a divorced single dad who falls for Princess Giselle, Patrick co-stars opposite "June Bug" Oscar nominee Amy Adams.

"It's really unlike anything you've ever seen," Adams revealed.

"It starts off in the animated world and the princess is banished, and she pops up in the middle of Times Square," Dempsey explained. "And opens his heart and teaches him there is true love after all."

So Amy, how's McDreamy as a kisser? "Ah, a lady never tells," she said. "The girls will have to ask his wife."

In real life, Patrick has found true love with wife Jill, who is the mother of their 4-year-old daughter Tallulah.

"She has really just sort of given me the confidence to sort of go on," Dempsey said of his wife. "The family allows me to have a good time with what's going on right now."

What a difference two years can make. Patrick told us, "I was just trying to get a job to pay the rent [two years ago.] So this has been a really great ride."


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