Janet Jackson: Ready to Capture the Hearts of Fans
July 11, 2006

She's rocking the hardest body in the music industry, but Janet Jackson was rocking "Extra's" world on the set of her new top-secret music video.

Ms. Janet is collaborating with boyfriend and super-producer Jermaine Dupri for her new CD, "20 Years Old," but when we dropped by she also opened up about the man who has captured her heart.

"You know he's my other half, my better half," she said of Dupri. "He's always there for me, as he should be, and I try to be for him."

"I finally got it right," she confessed. "We've been together five years already."

While there's no question that Janet is committed to her man and her music, the public has watched Janet recommit to her smoking new body, which she transformed after gaining weight for a movie role that never worked out.

"I don't like to call it 'diet.' It's a way of life," she revealed. "If you call it a diet, then you're going to treat it as a diet."

So what's her secret to those killer abs? "I have to work out," Jackson said simply. "I hate it, but I have to. Some of us have to work at it, and I'm one of those some of us."


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