Uma Thurman Gets Even in ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend'
July 10, 2006

Hell hath no fury like a super woman scorned, especially when that super woman is Uma Thurman.

Uma plays a hellacious wonder woman out for revenge in the new comedy "My Super Ex-Girlfriend."

In real life, Ms. Uma is much more down to Earth than her jilted super hero character G-Girl. And the beautiful blonde opened up to "Extra" about her crazy love scenes with Luke Wilson, whose character -- a mere mortal -- breaks up with the super-powered superhero.

Our A.J. Calloway loved the movie, but he had a few questions about a little maneuver in the air. "You did a very interesting maneuver in the air; how did that work out?" A.J. inquired. "The love scene in the clouds," Uma said. "There is a certain amount of wrestling that takes place in the air, yeah."

Uma, who famously divorced her husband Ethan Hawke two years ago, has recently been dating hotel honcho Andre Balazs off and on.

And she told "Extra" that despite past heartbreaks, she's not the type to seek revenge. "I'm not actually a particularly aggressive person," Uma revealed. "I just play them."

In real life, Uma is playing the field and let it be known that she is on the market. "I'm on the market, price upon request," she joked.

While we set the record straight, Uma was quick to point out, "There is no straight record; the records are twisted and turned and ever changing."

Just like Uma's moves in her newest flick. Make a date with Uma when "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" opens July 21.


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