New Season of ‘Nip/Tuck' Gets Hotter than Ever
July 4, 2006

Most single women would die to get a house call from TV's two hottest docs. Now the delicious Dr. Christian Troy and the sexy Dr. Sean McNamara are making the rounds.

Yes, the guys of "Nip/Tuck" are back, and only "Extra" is behind the scenes for a sneak peak as the cameras rolled for season four.

"The fact that we keep showing Julian McMahon's a**, I think is probably why we're doing so well," Dylan Walsh said.

This fall season is meant for the die-hard "Nip/Tuck" fans. With the "Carver" unmasked, the show is returning to its roots.

"I think this is going to be hotter and steamier than I think anything we've done before," Walsh promised.

How will these hot actors make good on their promise? Well, the season starts off with a hot mother and daughter. And it's not long before Dr. Troy is taking them home for some action. Julian playfully told "Extra" that he doesn't mind sweating up the sheets onscreen.

"I never found them awkward actually," he said. "I'm just a lover at heart. Love scenes are easy for me. I just pull out my....uh diary."

But don't forget, these doctors do have a day job, and plastic surgery is something Dylan said he'd be pretty good at. "I think I am now," he said. "They're fake when we do them, but I'm so close."


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