'Housewives' Drop Season Two Secrets
July 28, 2005

It was a starry night in Hollywood, as ABC's "Desperate Housewives" celebrated the upcoming season and talked about how good it is to be desperate.

"You just feel so good at the end of the day, like you just ran a big race," Teri Hatcher said of being part of the ABC hit.

Well, the race is back on for the ladies, and Nicollette Sheridan even revealed the direction she'd like her character Edie to go next season: "Hopefully she can nail Mehcad [Brooks'] character, Matthew."

But it seems Sheridan's character will be busy ruining other relationships on the show, including torturing Susan with her ex-husband.

In addition to these spoilers, look forward to new cast member Joely Fisher to shake things up as Felicity Huffman's new boss. "I'm glad to be on a show now that my friends say, 'Oh my God, I can't believe you're on that show, I watch it,'" Fisher admitted.

And if she's lucky, Joely might even be added to the keepsake that Brenda Strong made for the ladies. "It's Marsha and Eva and Teri and Felicity and Nicollette and myself," Strong showed us. "It's a charm bracelet that I gave all the girls at the end of last season."

Yes, the perks are rolling in. But despite being the hottest "Housewives" in the world, don't look for any divas in the crowd. "It's been a long time since anyone's dropped grapes in my mouth," Hatcher joked.

Yep, it's definitely good to be desperate!


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