Burt Reynolds Called on to Protect Jessica Simpson?
July 27, 2005

How do you make the meanest man of Hazard County even edgier? Just hand the role of good ole boy Boss Hogg over to wise-cracking Burt Reynolds! "He was such an arrogant putz," Reynolds said of his "Dukes of Hazard" role. "I just thought it would be fun."

So what did Reynolds have to say about starring opposite the provocative Jessica Simpson? "She was stunning," Reynolds said. "And you could set a glass right on her rear end, and you wouldn't spill a drop, which I like a lot."

Yes, it certainly seems times have changed for Reynolds. The enduring sex symbol was actually asked by Simpson's grandfather to keep an eye on her. "He went, 'Make sure nobody bothers her,'" Reynolds recalled. "What's happened to me? Before they'd say, 'Stay away.' Now it's, 'You're harmless, you protect her.'"

But Reynolds didn't stop with "Hazard." The screen legend has at least four more films coming out soon, one of them with Kevin James and Ray Romano. "I play the head of a Jewish mafia," Reynolds revealed. "I've never even met the head of the Jewish mafia, so I figured, 'Who are they going to compare me to?'"

And get this -- Reynolds is also playing a king in a new sword and sorcery epic called "Dungeon Seige," which is based on a popular video game. "I have a lot of fun with the king," Reynolds told us, adding, "And trying to have a little touch of Peter O'Toole and Johnny Weissmuller."

But we couldn't let Burt get away without asking him to set the record straight about that alleged run-in with a reporter who hadn't seen his last film, "The Longest Yard." "The man says to me, 'What was the movie about?'" Reynolds recalled. "I said, 'It's about a very happy male pornography star, and it's called "The Longest Yard."' And he immediately turned into this guy who went, 'Am I hurt?' It was ridiculous. If I had slapped him, he'd have ended in Jersey some place."


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