'Mission Impossible' Set Visit Completed
July 27, 2005

Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams are joining forces on the biggest movie shoot of the summer, and in between takes on the frantic set of "Mission: Impossible 3," Tom rushed over to "Extra," giving us an exclusive look at how he performs his craft.

And despite all the action, "Extra" even got the chance to hang with Tom and Katie, who have been riding around the set together on a motorcycle, and Tom's kids, who have had their own special transportation: a helicopter.

"When I make a movie, it's the whole deal," Cruise insisted. "It's not just me off working, I bring my posse with me, and we go."

"I got asked the question, 'Isn't it tough for the kids?'" Cruise said. "And I said, 'No, I want to be my kids!' Here we are in Italy; we get to experience a different culture."

The "Mission" culture, with two films that have grossed nearly a billion dollars combined, now includes "Alias" and "Lost" director JJ Abrams.

And it wouldn't be "Mission Impossible" worthy without a few jaw-dropping stunts. In fact, Cruise was all wired up while working on a stunt during one of our visits, and Katie Holmes was by his side for good luck.

But being an actor who enjoys doing his own stunts, has Cruise come close to seriously hurting himself? "This morning I had a bit of a bounce; that shot is going to be in the movie," he said. "I've dislocated a finger, and that's it. The worst injuries I get are when I'm not making a movie. It's jumping on my motorcycle."

And speaking of stunts, Mr. Abrams was set for lights, camera and action -- only he was missing his main man.

And with that, it was time for Tom to get back to his latest mission.

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