Sienna and Orlando? Brad and Angelina in Malibu? Sex Tape Advice From Tommy Lee?
July 26, 2005

Could Sienna Miller be seeking comfort in the arms of her ex, Orlando Bloom? Published photos in a British Newspaper released Tuesday show the two hot stars looking very cozy together at a polo match in England, according to Us Weeklyís Bradley Jacobs.

"They did have a three-hour conversation," Jacobs said. "Then they shared a brief kiss on the lips."

Sienna also sought solace with friends Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn. While the actress dined with the couple, engagement ring free, friends say Jude insists he still plans to marry Sienna.

As "Extra" first reported, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are playing house in Malibu. Now, Us Weekly says Angelina and her two children are staying at Bradís Malibu mansion while Angelina looks for schools in the area for son Maddox and Brad checks out about $30 million in real estate.

"He may buy properties on either side of that Malibu house to make room for Angelina and the kids."

Unfortunately, Malibu may not be big enough for both Angelina and Bradís ex wife, Jennifer Aniston, who seems determined to avoid an uncomfortable situation. "Since the community is so small, and Angelina and Brad have now been seen driving around on motorcycles, Jennifer is actually spending time away from Malibu."

Rocker Tommy Lee knows a little bit about awkward situations. Pam Andersonís honeymoon video co-star had some advice for current sex video victim, Collin Farrell.

"Just leave the camera off," Tommy joked.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Tommy says Colin should just hope for the best. "Hopefully his performance is good and heíll turn into an even bigger star," Tommy said.

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