Simpson the Target of a Poison Pen E-mail?
July 25, 2005

So much for those famous short-shorts, Daisy Duke was decked out in Dolce and Gabbana when "Extra" hooked up with her in New York Tuesday. And the beautiful Jessica Simpson shot down all the nasty rumors about her marriage to Nick Lachey.

Specifically, Simpson debunked the anonymous e-mail that swept through Hollywood this month, which bogusly claimed that she was leaving Lachey for her "Dukes of Hazard" co-star Johnny Knoxville.

"It's hard because you don't want people to believe that you and the man of your life are not in love anymore, when you are madly in love," Simpson insisted. "When I read that me and Johnny were going to walk down the red carpet together as a couple, I'm like, ŽOh my gosh, what is this world coming to?'"

Meanwhile, Daisy Duke flirts and flaunts a lot of flesh in the movie, and Jessica got fantastically fit for all that Southern exposure by working out two hours a day and cutting sugar out of her diet.

But is she still keeping up with the workout regime? "Yes, but I cut it down to three days a week," Simpson admitted.

And what about the rest of us? How can we get that Daisy Duke delicious body? "Squats, lots of squats," Simpson recommended. "And you've just got to walk around in high heels, even when you're at home. Build up your calf muscles."

Simpson has a workout video coming out soon, and you can catch her big-screen debut when "Dukes of Hazard" hits theaters August 15th.

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