Farrell's Sex-Tape Co-star Claims She Didn't Release Video
July 25, 2005

She is Colin Farrell's co-star in the movie he does not want you to see. Now, for the first time, former Playboy playmate Nicole Narain tells her side of the story, only to "Extra."

"Extra" met up with Narain at the Harlottique burlesque show, where she told us that Colin made a big mistake taking her to court over a 15-minute sex tape the two made, adding, "I don't want it out there any more than Colin does. Unfortunately, it's being portrayed a different way right now."

Narain insisted that she has no clue how the tape got out there, and she is upset that people think she was just out for an easy buck. "You know, it was something that was supposed to be between me and him," she said. "It's just unfortunate the situation is the way it is right now."

Last week Colin got a court order barring the tape from being shown or sold. He then spent the weekend working on a movie he does want you to see, a "Miami Vice" remake.

Meanwhile, Narain claims she talked to the actor last week and tried to clear the air. "We're both in the same boat," she said. "It's a lot right now. It's very unexpected. Neither one of us want it out there, we don't."


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