Courtney Love's Health Scare
July 22 2005

Courtney Love was rushed to the hospital this week, after passing out at a Hollywood party. The 41-year-old actress woke up attached to a breathing machine, but doctors released her within a few hours.

While a police report has been filed, sources say that some sort of poisoning may have been the cause of the star's collapse. However, no blood tests have come back yet confirming that claim.

This health scare follows a rollercoaster year for Love; she has managed to maintain her sobriety, but has lost control of her physical fitness regimen, resulting in a noticeable weight gain. Now, Love has taken on the help of a celebrity pal to help her battle the bulge.

"She recently told us she's been working out with Pamela Anderson," US Magazine Bradley Jacobs said. "She says she's been inspired by Pam."

Meanwhile, Love is keeping her promise to stay sober, receiving a thumbs up from a judge at a probation hearing Friday morning. Love's dedication to a new positive lifestyle will keep her healthy and happy.


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