Cooking with Katie Lee Joel
July 21, 2005

A newlywed to the Piano Man himself, Katie Lee Joel invited "Extra" into her and husband Billy's sunny New York apartment for some home cooking and an exclusive tour.

And we quickly addressed the question many are wondering: does Billy have pianos everywhere? "We have two pianos in our main house, one in the apartment and one in sag harbor," Katie said. "He always has to have one nearby in case he gets inspired."

And if you're inspired to buy a cool apartment with a garden terrace, you're in luck. The stunning open air space is for sale. "This is the great room," Katie showed us. "It has a loft space so everything is kind of in one area. We hang out and watch 'Extra' with dinner."

Speaking of dinner, Katie is a regular gourmet chef. Today she's making corn flake-crusted halibut. And she even revealed the trick: pulverize the flakes!

"I'm going to dip the halibut into the egg mixture, and then we are going to drench it into the cornflakes," she showed us. "And all it takes is 15 minutes."

Add a side of tomato, avocado, corn relish, and you're good to go!

You can check out the recipe and other important food information on Katie's new Web site,


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