Tyra Banks Invades Daytime
July 19, 2005

She's a world-famous supermodel who is hoping to become one of America's famous talk show hosts. "Extra" went behind the scenes as "The Tyra Banks Show" gears up for its fall launch.

"It's like a true dream come true," Banks admitted. "My format is going to be focusing pretty much on real people. Everyday people with everyday problems, and every now and then we'll throw in a celebrity."

And Tyra went to some high-powered celebrities to get advice. "Jay Leno told me, 'Don't forget to keep it funny even if you have a heavy topic,'" she revealed. "Oprah told me I'm going to be more tired and crazy than I've ever been in my life. She said, 'Oh you think you're a famous supermodel? This is a whole different world.' And Diane Sawyer just wished me the best luck."

And as luck would have it, the Victoria's Secret model spilled some of her show secrets, only to "Extra." For example, her mother, who "Extra" followed on a shopping spree, will also have a part on the show.

"She raised me and made me the woman I am today," Banks said. "She's hilarious; she's thought provoking."

And "The Tyra Banks Show" will also have the most unique set in talk show history. "There's a runway built into my stage," Banks revealed. "I'm going to come out on that runway every single day."

And she's going to let some real women from the audience strut their stuff too. So if you have one of those real stories that Tyra is talking about, she wants to hear from you! Log onto her Web site at www.tyrashow.com.

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