Law's Sex Scandal: The Babysitter's Shocking Confessions
July 19, 2005

Jude Law woke up Tuesday to screaming worldwide headlines. Now, "Extra" has the insider's story of the actor's dangerous liaison with his nanny that has ruined his wedding plans.

Law's fiancée, Sienna Miller, bravely went on stage Monday night for a London performance of "As You Like It." According to published reports, she kept her composure until the curtain call, when tears began to well up. After the show she was spotted leaving, covered up by a blanket and a handler.

Us Weekly Senior Editor Bradley Jacobs gave us the breaking news on this story. He told us Miller has left Law's home, distraught that he's admitted to having an affair with his nanny while the two were engaged.

"One source told us the wedding is absolutely, 100 percent off," Jacobs said. "One of our reporters spoke to her mother, who says she is very angry, wants to be left alone and has not heard from Jude."

We are also learning explosive new information about Law's affair with Daisy Wright. In a tell-all interview with a London paper, the nanny revealed the affair lasted about a month.

She even shared intimate bedroom secrets, saying, "When we had sex, he made me feel so wonderful, my whole body trembled."

Wright claims that Law first seduced her one night after a concert, pouring wine and playing music. "I then said, 'Well, Jude, you have been a naughty boy,'" Wright revealed. "He put his hands on his head and said, 'I know, I know.'"

Law has apologized for the affair, saying he is ashamed and upset by his behavior. He and his first wife, Sadie Frost, divorced two years ago. At the time, the legal reason she cited for the split was "unreasonable behavior."

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