How Charlize Theron Cheated Death
July 18, 2005

With a wild new do and a sexy skin-tight suit, Charlize Theron is waging war against an evil regime in her new movie, and "Extra's" got your first look at her new sci-fi thriller "Aeon Flux."

Based on the MTV cartoon, the futuristic film was featured at the big comic book convention, Comicon, in San Diego over the weekend where "Extra" caught up with the stunning Oscar winner.

So what can fans expect from Theron's new flick? "It's going to be hot, baby," the actress promised. "It sounds so cliché, but it's a smart action film, it really is. I almost broke my neck for it, so it's incredible action, really good action."

But just how serious was Theron's injury? "Well, I slipped doing a backhand spring," Theron revealed. "I landed with all my body weight on my neck, and I herniated a disk in my neck. And it kind of got close to my spinal cord."

The freak accident, which made headlines around the world, happened while on location in Germany. And just ten days into shooting, production ground to a halt. Charlize returned to her home in Malibu, where worried doctors put her through rehab. "Physiotherapy and cortisone treatments and all that fun stuff," she said. "I realize I was very lucky."

Incredibly, just eight weeks after her life-threatening fall, she was back on the "Aeon Flux" set and back in her sexy black suit, although she admitted, "In the cartoon, the characters wore a G-string and two tussles. I couldn't do that."

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