Lock Up the Ladies -- Vince and Owen Have Arrived!
July 14, 2005

Life was a party Wednesday night in New York, and "Extra" crashed it, as Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken and Rachel McAdams took over the Big Apple.

Adams was quick to tell our Tanika Ray what drew her to the wild and crazy personalities of Wilson and Vaughn. "For precisely that reason," she laughed. "I think we both have a hard time focusing. "

"We both add a little bit," Wilson added.

Meanwhile, Vince did a little Rumor Control with "Extra." Rumors swirled last week that Vaughn's "Break Up" co-star Jennifer Aniston collapsed on the set. But is it true?

"No, that's completely not true at all," Vaughn assured us. "We got calls asking if she's okay, and it never happened."

And the question everyone is asking: is Vaughn dating the soon-to-be former Mrs. Pitt? "No, we're not dating," he told us.

Then it was back to the aisle with James Keach and his wife, Jane Seymour, who shows some skin in "Wedding Crashers." "Nobody really asked me to do it before," Seymour admitted. "So I thought, ŽIf somebody asked me to do it.'"

"Excuse me, I've asked you for years," Keach joked.

Save the date -- "Wedding Crashers" hits the aisles Friday.

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