Stars Congregate for a Sweet Premiere
July 11, 2005

Hollywood's hottest stars, young and old, hoped for the golden ticket Sunday night as they arrived in style at the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" premiere.

A very pregnant Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline were among the star couples, which included Larry and Shawn King, David and Pamela Hasselhoff and even Melanie Griffith and her daughter Stella.

"Extra" also got some baby news from Julia Roberts' niece, Emma. "The [babies] are doing really well," she told us. "I haven't seen them in awhile. They're really cute and adorable."

But are they getting used to the names Phinnaeus and Hazel? "I like them," Emma insisted. "I think they're different."

And speaking of cool, the cool candy man himself, Johnny Depp, arrived at the premiere solo and stopped by for his "Extra" close up, where he revealed his plans to swear off chocolate for awhile. "It's not my favorite," he admitted. "I was immersed in it making the film."

Depp also revealed he was nervous to see the film, which he hadn't seen prior to Sunday night's premiere. "I'm not sure I can make it through," he told us.

And even at his sweet movie premiere, Johnny Depp went on Rumor Control for "Extra." So is it true that he wrote Nicole Kidman a letter because he wanted to work with her?

"Well, no," he told us. "I'd like to work with her, but I never wrote a letter. But it's a cool rumor."

Meanwhile, we asked famed "Willy Wonka" director Tim Burton about the recent comparisons between Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

"There's a very simple distinction," Burton said. "Michael loves children. Willy Wonka hates kids. That's about as different as you can get."

See the magic for yourself when "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" opens in cinemas around the country on Friday.

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