Russo and Quaid Get Hot for Remake
July 8, 2005

Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo's Hollywood set for their new movie, "Yours, Mine and Ours," quickly proved to be almost too hot for TV, as our Jon Kelley discovered when he stopped by.

"Come on, show them your abs," Russo propositioned Quaid. "I'll show them my a**! If you them your abs!"

And that was just the beginning of "Extra's" revealing interview with the two stars on the set of their new romantic comedy, which is a modern day remake of the Lucille Ball classic about a huge blended family.

"Not a bad gig getting to kiss this lovely lady," Quaid admitted.

And while Rene assured us the feeling was mutual, admitting, "He's a good kisser, I just fell right in," the actress couldn't stop talking about Denis and his sculpted six pack.

"Look at this guy," she insisted. "He's amazing."

Perhaps Quaid's sexy body has something to do with him and Russo constantly having to keep up with all the kids in the cast of their movie. "It will take us a little while, but we will be movie stars eventually," one of the young stars promised.

Look for "Yours, Mine and Ours" on the big screen this November, and as Quaid promised, "I swear this movie is better than ŰPok╚man 2.' I swear it is."

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