Pitt and Clooney's Sin City Hotel? Jen Aniston Collapsed?
July 8, 2005

Brad Pitt and George Clooney ripped off a Las Vegas casino in "Ocean's 11," but now, are the two leading men thinking of building their own hotel/casino in Sin City?

Yes -- according to a report, Brad and George will team up with Cindy Crawford's husband, nightclub mogul Randy Gerber, to create a hotel. And "Extra" went straight to Gerber, who revealed, "We're working, actually, on a hotel project."

Gerber said Brad will help design the project and that he's not only a great actor, but also a talented designer. "He's definitely up there," Gerber insisted. "One day he's going to be big."

Meanwhile, did Pitt's ex, Jennifer Aniston, collapse on the set of her new movie, "The Break Up," which Jen is shooting with Vince Vaughn in Chicago?

No -- although reports claimed that Aniston's real-life breakup with Brad caused her to get sick, complaining of nausea and headaches, Jen's reps say this is just another tabloid fabrication.

Another rumor on the Brad front: is the actor looking to buy a house in England to be closer to his "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie?

No -- we went to Pitt's people who say this is just another false rumor.

Okay, so if not Brad, then how about Pamela Anderson? Is London calling for Malibu's famous beach blonde?

No -- although a report claimed that Pam was thinking of buying a place in England, her people said the reports are not true. Anderson is, however, currently enjoying a beach vacation with on-again-off-again love Tommy Lee in Hawaii.

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