Beauty Secrets: A Candle to Rid Wrinkles
July 6, 2005

Looking to get silky-smooth skin just like the stars? Well, "Extra" has two new treatments that will give you radiant, younger-looking skin.

You can start by blowing out the signs of aging with the new collagen candle. Former Playboy centerfold Brande Roderick says she lights up all the time. "It's extremely silky and smooth and makes you feel really great," Roderick insisted.

Invented by celebrity facialist Dino Morra, the revolutionary candle contains collagen, vitamins E and C, soy and antioxidants to re-hydrate and rejuvenate tired and dry skin.

"It's a body treatment product that lights like a candle and then turns into a heated warm cream," Morra said.

Our next beauty secret allows you to give your face a lift the natural way with the new Green Peel Facial. Doctor Richard Fleming says the herbal mixture is massaged onto the face, which is then wrapped for 20 minutes.

"The Green Peel is a combination of natural herbs that we use to improve skin color and quality," he said. "It works with the herbs to achieve a better exfoliation."

Green Peel
Dino Morra Collagen Candle Facial
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