Desperate for What's Ahead on Wisteria Lane?
July 6, 2005

All is quiet this summer on Wisteria Lane, but the second scandalous season of the ABC hit drama is looking to be even more intriguing than the first. Only "Extra" has the inside scoop on what's in store for the "Desperate Housewives" this fall.

Media Week's Mark Berman revealed that a lot will be happening over at Gabriella's house. "In addition to her husband Carlos and her young lover, she will have somebody else that does not know she is pregnant," he said.

And while Eva Longoria's character tries to figure out which lover fathered her baby, recently-widowed Bree is getting busy with a new man, and Berman told us it's not George the pharmacist.

Meanwhile, Nicollette Sheridan told "Extra" that her character, Edie, will have some life-changing events of her own. "A new house, a 6-year-old child, an affair with someone near and dear to Susan," warned Sheridan.

Susan and Mike the plumber just got back together, but Berman warned that there are problems ahead for the couple, although Teri Hatcher is keeping tight-lipped about the twists and turns her character will take. "I know nothing, what else is new," Hatcher joked.

In fact, "Extra" was the one to break the news to Teri that creator Marc Cherry is reportedly considering a "Housewives" prequel. "It doesn't surprise me actually," Hatcher said. "I expect it from him, but it's just one great idea after another."

Here's another great idea: Berman forecasted that James Denton may be headed for his own series: "If I had to predict, I'd say James Denton will have a ŽDesperate Housewives' spinoff in the fall of 2006."

But for now, it's naughty neighbors and wicked plotlines for Wisteria Lane. Check out the season premiere this fall on ABC.

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