How Martha Survived Camp Cupcake
July 5, 2005

From her time in Camp Cupcake to her plans on taking over reality TV, Martha Stewart is dishing it out in the pages of Vanity Fair, and "Extra" has a sneak peek at the exclusive interview about life behind bars.

Vanity Fair's Matt Tyrnauer sat down with Stewart, who revealed that she began studying Spanish in prison and even decorated the facility for Christmas on a $50 budget.

"She was called M. Diddy in prison," Tyrnauer said. "That was her nickname. And her ongoing house arrest at her New York farm, she called it hideous, she said she hated it. But she said prison was the best part of the last two and a half years of her life."

Martha also playfully admitted a secret about that electronic monitoring band she's forced to wear. "She said in a kind of Martha Stewart way, ŽI know how to get it off; I looked it up on the Internet,'" Tyrnauer revealed. "But all that aside, she takes it very seriously, and she's not trying to take it off."

And while Martha is allowed some public appearances, she has set off her monitoring alarm on more than one occasion. Tyrnauer said, "She said she went to help her mother out of a car, and said she forgot, and she crossed the limit line, and the probation officers called her."

Martha also told Vanity Fair that she named her new dog after one of her inmate friends.

But even though her five months in the slammer was a humbling experience, Martha will always be Martha. Tyrnauer recalled, "There was a moment for one of these photographs, she was supposed to be icing a cake, but the icing wasn't the way she wanted it, so we had to evacuate the kitchen while Martha took over."

Check out the icing and the cake when Vanity Fair hits newsstands July 12th.

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