Liz Hurley Goes Tropical
July 1, 2005

How's this for a 40-year-old mom? Super sexy Elizabeth Hurley is showing off her fabulous figure wearing nothing but an itsy bitsy bikini!

"Extra" has a special look at the stunning supermodel's personal, all-new line of chic swimsuits, appropriately named, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

"It's very influenced by places I dreamt of going as a little girl," Hurley said of her line. "It's very high-quality stuff."

And high quality is right! From string bikinis bejeweled with semi-precious stones to silk sarongs, Hurley's line is a must-buy.

"Also, my boyfriend is half Indian, so I use some of the Indian influence," Hurley added.

But Liz said designing the suits was easy compared to getting back into bikini-shape after having her baby. "It took about three and a half or four months because I put on 53 pounds," Hurley revealed. "I tried very, very hard. I just watched what I ate. It was hard work and a little bit of crying."

So is it true that even after all that, Hurley doesn't actually like being in a bathing suit? "Well, I've gotten to a point in my life where I like to put on a tunic," she admitted. "But then I look to put things and covering my tummy."

Liz's collection is available at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores!

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