Star Jones: Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?
June 30, 2006

For the first time all week, Star Jones was speechless as she faced the media outside of CNN’s Los Angeles studios. But inside, Star wasn’t holding anything back as she sat face to face with Larry King.

So, does Star still stand by the claim she was fired? “My contract was not renewed,” she said simply.

On Friday, it was back to the East Coast, where Star continued to shoot from the lip on the “Today” show, telling Al Roker she was forced into making her bombshell confession earlier than expected.

When Al inquired, “Why did you do it Tuesday? It was supposed to be Thursday,” Star’s response was in light of her loyal fans.

“It was turning into a circus atmosphere, and the viewers deserved after nine years for me to not go out in a circus atmosphere,” she explained.

But Star’s shocking announcement infuriated Ms. Barbara Walters, who claimed that Star betrayed her. And after Thursday night’s tell-all, Larry told “Extra” the two women are locked in a feud that may never see an end. “I don’t think they will; Barbara’s too hurt,” King explained.

Now the empire is striking back, with ABC releasing a statement saying Star’s contract was not renewed because of reports she accepted freebies for her big wedding. In addition, it stated she deceived viewers about having surgery to lose a massive amount of weight.

But Star denies both of those charges. “I actually have always said it was a medical intervention,” Star fired back.

Star also slammed new “View” co-host Rosie O’Donnell, who will replace Meredith Vieira in September. Rosie has been locked in a feud with Star after allegedly badmouthing her in an interview.

“She went on a very public attack of me and my family,” Star said of Rosie.

Star said that Barbara sided with Rosie, adding, “The same week of that attack, Barbara called her and invited her to be a co-host of ‘The View.’ I literally sat there in shock.”

Even more shocking is Star’s claim that, for her, the controversy is over. “After today, I’m not talking about it anymore,” she promised.

But with more details coming out everyday, it’s a good bet this Star’s war is far from over.

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