Star Jones Says She Feels 'Betrayed' by Barbara Walters
June 28, 2006

Just one day after Star Jones stunned viewers by announcing her departure from "The View" next month, Barbara Walters made it official on Wednesday's program.

Star's days on "The View" are over now.

"We gave her time to look for another job and we hoped then that she would not sit here on the program and leave with dignity," Walters said, adding, "but Star made another choice."

Only moments after dropping her bombshell announcement Tuesday, "Extra" caught Star laughing with friends and her husband Al Reynolds at La Goulue Bistro in Manhattan.

But on Wednesday, Star was fighting mad. She revealed on air to Ryan Seacrest on his Los Angeles KIIS FM radio show that Barbara betrayed her when ABC network executives first decided not to renew her contract.

"If anyone should be betrayed, then it should probably be me," Star said. "She didn't have my back."

There's another person on the move at ABC -- Charlie Gibson, who is leaving "Good Morning America" for "ABC's World New Tonight."

"And so this wonderful 19 year experience of a lifetime comes to an end," he graciously said.

Only "Extra" was behind the scenes at Charlie's goodbye bash, where the legendary anchor told us he's ready for the change: "Nothing is forever in life. Life is dynamic, it's not static."

We wish you luck, Charlie!


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