Simon and Paula Reunite in London
June 27, 2006

Reality TV guru Simon Cowell is back in London along with girlfriend Terri Seymour. But his gal pal isn't the only woman Simon brought back home for the summer.

Believe it or not, his "Idol" sparring partner Paula Abdul also came along as a special guest judge on his new hit British talent show "The X-Factor."

"I must be nuts," Simon joked of his decision. "But the rationale behind it was I've been judging American singers for five years. Now I wanted an American to judge English singers."

There may be another reason Simon brought along Ms. Paula -- for some personal comic relief. "Paula amuses me," Simon admitted. "It's like having my little doll on my right. When I get bored, I can just irritate her."

But Simon said Paula's tardiness is already irritating him. "Seven hours late the first day, five hours late on the second day and on time on the third," he revealed. "So we got there in the end."

Meanwhile, Paula confided to "Extra" that Simon's been uncharacteristically sweet to her. "I want to bottle up whatever's going on here because he's Mr. Nice," Paula said. "Almost like he likes me, which is very freaky to me."

Also being kind to Paula is resident "X-Factor" Judge Sharon Osbourne. "When she came here I said, ‘Come on, I'll show you the ropes, Missy. Stay with me,'" Sharon joked.

Meanwhile, Simon told us the British contestants are a lot wackier than their American counterparts. "I had a 56-year-old lady who just did the worst rendition of Kylie Minogue's ‘Can't Get You out of My Head' I've ever seen in my life," Simon told us.


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